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N120 70's Maverick Pro-Stocker Drag decal

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Decal Building Notes
These notes offer important decal assembly comments to aid in application. 
These are not intended to give a "how to" or, comment on the obvious.
Decal setting solution is highly recommended.
Joniec - I used the #1415-W Mach 1 wing ($1) for the back of the car.  Predrill and mark location of wing before decaling car.
Gapp - Decals can be used to make either the early Blue car or, the later Red car.  I placed one side stripe first, then placed the top trunk panel on.  Do not set the decals yet.   Align side stripe and get it into position, then lift rear trunk decal so it sits on top of side stripe (Trunk decal is design to sit on top).  Repeat other side, then apply final decal setting solution.  Note - rear tail panel decal is located by itself in lower corner of main decal.
Fast Eddie - Place roof panel and trunk panel on first and set in place.  Once they are set, you can place and align side checker decals.  On Hood decal, wait until decal is set and dry before attempting to clear hole in hood.  Once dry, the hood hole easily clears out.
Super Stock - Paint hood section, snorkel and tail panel blue.  Place 2 dark blue "U" shaped lines on hood and hood scoop.
Poole - Paint back section white.  I used paint template 4041-T ($4).  Align roof template to door mirror holes in doors.  Mask in front of template.  Paint roof and back half of car white, once white is dry, align stripe template to roof and trunk.  A halfmoon hole on template is center and top edge of rear back window.  Template roof stripes may need some adjusting to keep parallel before securing template.  Note: This car was actually a Mecury Comet so I changed tail lights on my car for correct look using dremel and plastic filler.
Dyno Don (early red, org, blk version) - Roof and trunk panel decals have silver trim to fit into rear window edge.  Set hood panel before side panels.  Once hood is set then align black trim at front window post.  Double check wheel openings for side decal alignment. 
On Hood decal, wait until decal is set and dry before attempting to clear hole in hood.  Once dry, the hood hole easily clears out.
Auxier - (Note: Auxier's 1st car was red lower panel on driverside - his later car was repainted with opposite colors)  I premasked the white center stripe with 1/16 pinstripe tape down the center of the car.  Once the 1st tape was centered, I then sent another 2nd pinstripe to the right half of 1st pinstripe tape, then a 3rd pinstripe set onto the left half.  This masked the major center stripe.  You will cover the center stripe later with large white center stripe decals so great accuracy is not required, just do not make the masked stripe wider than decal stripes.  Once center stripe is masked, airbrush paint blue sections.  When blue is painted you may have over-spray, clean over-spray with Testors #1159 lacquer brush cleaner on a cotton swab.  I've mentioned using this thinner before as it doesn't attack plastic aggressively like other thinners.  Once over-spray is clean, airbrush paint remaining body red.  NOTE: Color areas over wheel wheels should have enough coverage to match rest of lower panel.  Hood scoop note - I opened front opening in hood scoop to make look more like 429 scoop he actually ran.

NOTE: On red and dark orange cars, if you use a slow drying enamel or laquer paint,
the red coloring in the plastic will bleed into the paint making white images look pink. 
This is the same with clear coats over white decals, so be sure to test your paints
before final application.  Clear floor wax are safe sealants for decals,
and Tamiya paints are safe as well.

Clear vinyl template for white and black stripes on Poole car,
and also 2 hood panel templates like on Super Stock and Gold Ford Team
- $4.00 ea.

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