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N133 60's Mustang A/FX Drag decal

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Decal Building Notes
These notes offer important decal assembly comments to aid in application. 
These are not intended to give a "how to" or, comment on the obvious.
Decal setting solution is highly recommended.

REAR WHEEL OPENING NOTE: If you plan on running your car and use a larger rear tire than a low-profile tire, the LEADING edge of the body will need to be slightly trimmed.  Many of these drag cars ran with enlarged rear wheel openings anyway, so any rear wheel opening enlarging is indeed accurate.
Auxier - Decals can be used to make either the early BOWANI or, the later BOWANI II car.  Both cars were blue.
HUGGER MUGGER - Use a #4020 striped Candy Apple car.
'LIL HOSS - Was the burgundy color originally, but then painted a bright red later.
LONG GONE - Had the teardrop scoop originally, but later ran the tall velocity stacks (from Maverick kit).
BRANNAN - I set the back of the hood scoop stripe first, then slowly worked my way forward with decal solvent.  Once I came to the point in the front, the white double stripes did not blend right anymore, so I carefully cut the white stripes in front of the scoop.  I then took the second decal set of good stripes and cut the double stripes in half, securing one half stripe down first, cutting off the remaining stripe going up the scoop.  Do the same for the other half.
HI-RISER - Decals can be used to make either the early Primer Red car or, the later bright Red car.
NORRIS - Also ran the "FUGITIVE" car.  It was the same red/wht scheme, but the Fugitive has silver solid C-post panels.
Dyno Don
- Early version did not have the car identification number on the rear quarter panel and had normal teardrop scoop.  2nd later version ran the #320 A/MP class, and had the large roundel in the rear.  The carbs on the original car did not clear the teardrop scoop, so a hole was cut and a modified aircleaner was added.  My addon "aircleaner" in photos above, was made of styrene sheet.  Lastly, you can make the Jerry Harvey (driver) car with the 290 designation and normal teardrop scoop.  The Jerry Harvey car had a single blue GT racing stripe down the center the full length of the car. 

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