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T-jet 427
Voted H.O. Slot Car of the year!

Here's some paint ideas...

FEEL THE THUNDER on these babies!

Pipes come separate in white, black or chrome (add $3 for chrome)
Shown with 3R #812 wheels, & #N31 decals

(Silver car is a painted light gray body, not avail. in silver)
Separate clear windscreen with side vent glass and even mirror!
Side mirror on the body too!

Super interior details include, seatbelts, gauges, console, gear shifter, and detailed driver.
This body was made for racing (long wheelbase) and surprisingly doesn't have as much weight as you might think.  All bumpers and rollbars are molded in with the body.  Side pipes are separate and come in your choice of BLACK, WHITE, or Chrome ($3 additional for chrome)...they even act as lower body weights for better handling!  Drivers come in your choice of AFX style helmet or NEW early 60's Indy style driver with helmet and goggles.  N34 Decals are available for $3 too.  Comes with body, glass, choice of driver and side pipes. $20 body kit price-black or white pipes.  $23 - chrome pipes.

Avail. in STANDARD or

NEW! N34 427 Decal!
The above N34 decals have a pair of white and also gold double stripes....even w/rear 1966 Missouri License plates!  There are two "meatball" numbers #25 & #98 along with some fender sponsors (small "AP" blocks on silv.car not included).   Note! The above N34 decals are for experienced modelers.  Because of all of the contours and hood scoops on the 427s a "decal-set" or a softener like Solvaset brand (found at any good train hobby shop) must be used.  Not for inexperienced modelers.  N34 Decal - $3.00


P.O. Box 74, Fair Grove, MO 65648
Made in the U.S.A.

For more details
A Complete Set of chrome wheels and supertraction tires for
your T-jet SLOT CARS!

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